Police Search for Clues in City’s Latest Homicide

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV)- Chattanooga recorded its 13 homicide of the year earlier Wednesday and police are asking for the public’s help to develop information.

Traffic was light along I-24 at about 2:15 this morning.
All most drivers saw were emergency lights as investigators arrived arrived on the scene.
What they found was a rental car in the grass near Moore Road and South Crest Drive.
Inside was a black male who apparently died of multiple gunshot wounds.

CHIEF FRED FLETCHER, CHATTANOOGA POLICE "Early this morning we responded to the scene of what appeared to be a car crash…and the initial investigation revealed it was likely homicide. And we have our entire major crimes unit and our organized crime folks working on this to develop as many leads as quickly as we can."

Chief Fletcher and the investigators were choosing their words carefully as they moved ahead with the probe.
The victim was apparently a local man, but there was no information released about where he may have rented the car with out of state tags.

CHIEF FLETCHER "I personally went out to the area this morning and visited with the families of the victim to offer our resources and offer as much input, and solicit as much information as we can."

The chief says he has three teams working on the case.

CHIEF FLETCHER "Again we’re actively working this with all the resources we have …its very important to us…its the highest priority that we find the folks that did this ..and we need the community’s help."

That busy intersection was shut down for about 4 hours. It opened just before the morning rush at 6 a.m.
Chief Fletcher is urging anyone with information about the shooting to call the police department.

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