Police Union backs deputies in Arrington arrest video

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – The International Brotherhood of Police Officers is supporting the Hamilton county deputies involved in arresting Reginald Arrington, Junior.

They’re claiming the video released of the arrest was posted without proper context.

News 12’s Bekah Birdsall has the latest.

“It’s not a beating, it was an arrest and they used force to take that arrest.”

The International Brotherhood of Police Officers is representing the Hamilton county deputies involved in the controversial video released earlier this week of deputies arresting Reginald Arrington, Jr.

After the video went public, many were calling it another case of police brutality.

The Union claims the DA released the video without providing proper context.

Forcing people to make up their own mind before all facts and other evidence are investigated.

“Transparency is a good thing and I am never against that in law enforcement, my issue with releasing these tapes too quick is 95% of every video you’ve probably ever seen with the police involved, arrests or a shooting, it doesn’t look good, I mean, our job just doesn’t look good on video. But, if you’re not willing to put the whole context in that, you’re not willing to have the due process of the investigation.”

Vince Champion says his reaction to the video was that his officers held a lot of restraint, and excessive force was not used.

“The officers, in my opinion, with the strikes they were using were calculated strikes, they’re what we call pain compliance. When he complied, the strikes stopped.

When he’s kicking and flailing and doing that, I don’t know what de-escalation there is at that point. Tell him to stop? They did that numerous times, numerous times he was told to stop and he refused.”

The officers are currently on administrative review while the TBI investigates.

“We agree with the Sheriff that we need to wait for due process that we need to let the system work and once that’s over, whatever happens at that point, discipline or not, we will handle that situation from there.”

When asked if they had any plans to sue the District attorney’s office for their handling of the case, He says they will be looking at all avenues.

Reporting in Chattanooga, I’m Bekah Birdsall, News 12 Now.


Protesters waited outside of the courthouse for a chance to speak with officials on what was said inside that Police Union meeting.

Some who spoke with News 12 Now say they’re upset the public could not attend the meeting, and that changes need to be made for law enforcement in our area.

Janice Walwyn told us “After watching the video I was repulsed. I was angry, I was hurt, and I was in tears. That is not the way you are supposed to be treated. It was not properly done, it was not deescalated properly, it was not even deescalated at all. It indicated that there were no concerns for the rights of this young man.”

Protesters say they plan to take up their questions and concerns with their county commissioner.

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