Political Parties react to Joe Biden’s projected Presidential win

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn (WDEF) – It’s been two days since Presidential Candidate Joe Biden surpassed 270 electoral votes, projecting him as the next President-Elect along with running mate Kamala Harris.

President Donald Trump still has more than 2 months left as commander in chief.

Over the course of the election, President Trump’s personal attorneys have made a range of allegations in various state cases alleging everything from fraud to being denied access to vote counts.

Republican Arch Trimble says no matter the outcome of the election it’s time to move forward as a country.

“Despite all the pandering on both sides, it shows this country is fairly evenly split . I would love to see us all move past and to look forward to the next couple of years. We have a lot of problems in this country that we have to fix. We have rights and privileges in this country that no other country in this world has and we should be terribly proud of that. I am terribly glad that we had what i think was a good election but i’m also very happy to move on to the next one,” says Arch Trimble, Republican.

TN State Representative and Democrat, Yusuf Hakeem says he remains optimistic about the outlook of this country and believes this new leadership will only help to move America forward.  

“I would hope that we take the opportunity; no matter if you are for them or against them during the election that you give each other a chance. It’s not about party , it’s about people and the economy. We have to put that forward as opposed to being in our tribal positions,” says Hakeem.

Sources tell CBS news that once President Donald Trump has exhausted all of his legal options and the certified results show a Joe Biden victory, that President Trump will concede.

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