Pollen Season is back in our area

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Atop Lookout Mountain, it is beautiful…and stunning! We’ve had great temperatures. In the mid- to high-70’s for most of the week, and a high of 81 on Thursday – a temperature we haven’t seen on that day in 123 years! With higher temperatures come a higher tree pollen count, and that means headaches, sneezing and wheezing … and it’s only going to get worse this weekend.

“A pollen count of 1200 is incredibly high, so we’re starting to see patients calling in with sneezing, itching, runny nose. They’re coughing. They’re asthma’s becoming out of whack because of the allergies that are in the air.”

Many of those allergies are coming from trees, which there is no shortage of in Hamilton County, and especially on the mountains. After the temperatures rose ten to fifteen degrees this week without precipitation, the pollen stays in the air for us to breathe.

Amber Boles tells us “As the temperatures rise and we have warmer weather … no rain to kind of wash the pollen away, pollen numbers are definitely going to be higher than they have been in the last couple of months. Trees are starting to show up in the pollen count, and that’s actually what’s really high right now.”

It’s only the beginning of March, and spring officially isn’t here. If you’re feeling the pain now, Dr. Cromie says April and May won’t be your favorite months…

“Even though this is the highest pollen level we’ve had all year, this is not going to be the highest you’re going to see in the spring. Sometimes, the level of pollen can be upwards of four to five, even ten thousand. What we’re going to see is people are going to be miserable. Their eyes are going to be swelling. They’re going to be itchy, sneezy, runny. They’re going to be having asthma attacks.”

Meteorological spring has already begun, and if you’ve had allergy attacks now that the tree pollen count is, well, lower than normal this time of year, just wait. The spring equinox comes on March 20th, and, by then, tree pollen counts will triple.

Atop Lookout Mountain, Scott Koral. News 12 Now.

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