Popular Tourist Site shows interest in Mountain Cove Farms

WALKER COUNTY (WDEF) – After much debate about what should be done with the Mountain Cove Farm property in Walker County there are now new developments.
Popular tourist site, See Rock City, is showing great interest in the land.

“We have interest in seeing a RFP and seeing if maybe, Rocky City might have some value we could add to the county and the community”, said President and COO, Susan Harris.

But according to commissioner Bebe Heiskell this isn’t the first time Rock City has shown an interest in the land.

“Rock City had suggested that they might buy it in 2012 when I put it up for sale and so then their board decided they didn’t want to spend the money.”

Another contender, Lea Kapherr, has already approached the board about the 200 plus acre Mountain Cove Farm Property.

“She read in the paper how we had lost money on it. She does weddings. She was looking at another county, so she made a proposal”, said Heiskell.

Kapherr said she’s willing to pay $4000 a month for the venture and half a million dollars in renovations.

Walker County purchased the land, buildings, and made renovations to the property  in 2008 for 2.5 million dollars.
“It’s been costly and I have a group of people in Walker County, it’s not a large group, but it’s a very outspoken group that wants it sold”, said Heiskell.

New commissioner, Shannon Whitfield, will be taking over in just a few weeks.

He said there are high hopes for the land.

“The county has not been able to successfully operate that operation profitably. County government doesn’t need to be in the business of competing in the private sector. So if we can get that  leased out to a professional company and let them use that as a catalyst to bring tourism to Walker County I think that would be in the best interest  of the citizens.”

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