Prank Gone Wrong

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Mckamey Animal Center is investigating an apparent prank they don’t think is funny.

Ahead of the rivalry football game between McCallie and Baylor, Mckamey Animal Center believes students from The McCallie School abandoned pigs covered in paint on the Baylor School’s campus.

“They could face animal cruelty charges. The very first big thing is they did dump these animals so that is essentially abandonment” said Director of Animal Services Rebecca Ross.

Ross says this could seriously harm the two pigs involved in the incident.

“Paint could be a harm to animals and painting them, skins could be very delicate. So putting paint on an animal could one cause burns, it can seep in through their pores and cause other medical conditions.”

McKamey says the pigs are scratched up, but they don’t know if it’s from the prank.

“They are feeder pigs so there’s a possibility that maybe they got beat up from being on the property they were on but they do have marks on them and we don’t know what they are from at this time.”

McKamey says they’re still looking for the people behind the prank.

Call them if you have any information.

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