Preach-A-Thon for 2014 Chattanooga murdered victims

CHATTANOOGA, TN (WDEF-TV) Friendship Central Community Church hosts a 24-hour Preach-A-Thon.

The mission is to dedicate every hour to the 24 victims who lost their lives this year to violence. Residents like Vincent Boozer feels it’s up the all the people in Chattanooga to help out with this problem.

"When there’s a problem it takes a village to solve a problem," said Boozer

Solving the problem of violent crimes that claim the lives of so many in Chattanooga.
Pastor Ezra Maize and Friendship Central Community Church is having a 24 hours Preath-A-Thon to dedicate and highlight the 24 victims who lost their lives in 2014 due to violence.

Boozer said Chattanooga should fight crime through their communities.

"Pastor Maize, Mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, so hopefully out of this we see the community come together."

This Preach-A-Thon had a message for everyone especially the young children and adults that were in the Crowd.

A member of the Chattanooga community, Joann Skillern-Ryce says Pastor Maize is the perfect person for this job.

"He knows the tragedies that have just plagued this community," said Skillern-Ryce. "He’s terribly engaged in various facets of keeping the community together and wanting the community to come together to do things for our youth and young adults.

She added that he is only getting started.

They’ll wrap up the service tomorrow.Chattanooga Mayor Andy Berke and Police Chief Fred Fletcher will make an appearance tomorrow morning at 10:30.

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