Prince Philip’s crash sparks questions about why the 97-year-old was driving

Queen Elizabeth’s husband Prince Philip is said to be doing fine after his SUV flipped in a car crash Thursday near the queen’s country estate in eastern England. The 97-year-old was behind the wheel during the collision, prompting questions about why he was driving in the first place.

The force of impact shattered the windshield and jolted the prince, who was strapped into the driver’s seat. He walked away without serious injuries but witnesses said he was lucky to escape alive.

One witness said Philip was lightly bleeding and appeared “very shocked” but was pulled from the wreck with the help of bystander Roy Warne.

“I helped him move his legs which were a little trapped and a bit crushed, then I saw his face and I realized who it was,” Warne said.

Two women in a second vehicle were hospitalized with minor injuries and a nine-month-old baby was found uninjured in their backseat. Police are investigating what caused the crash with many people surprised to hear Philip was behind the wheel at his age.

“Prince Philip, as we know, is a very determined headstrong individual who has wanted to retain a sense of individual freedoms right up to the age of 97 and you can understand that,” said Royal correspondent Roya Nikka. “This is also a man who served in the navy, who served in the Second World War, a man who has seen action, who has been active his whole life.”

But over the years he’s had to dial it back, giving up flying planes and playing polo. In 2017, he retired from his royal duties.

The prince is said to be home resting with the queen by his side.  While he escaped uninjured, Buckingham Palace isn’t taking this lightly. Some say it’s unlikely he will be allowed to drive on public roads again.

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