Private land owners hold deer management decision

CROSSVILLE, Tenn. (WDEF) – Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency (TWRA) has little to do with deer management issues on private lands, but does provide depredation permits through a vetting process.

The process is done by biologists and wildlife officers wherein individual landowners must prove depredation through physical evidence and economic impact. This process has been in existence with the state for decades and decisions for depredation permits do not determine whether individual landowners decide to use permits.

In recent months,  (TWRA) has been contacted by Kahite Community in Monroe County regarding deer populations and possible depredation within the community. The community cited several incidents including depredation of landscape, deer vehicle collisions and human threat.

The area has been assessed by TWRA biologists and wildlife officers, who noted depredation and economic impact caused by whitetail deer. The officers met with community leaders as well and provided possible deer management options.

TWRA also provides guidance to ensure safety of any plans a community decides to implement.

Although the agency is not involved in the final decision of any community or individual landowner, TWRA does provide biological data and possible actions a community can consider for reducing deer populations.

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