‘Pro-white’ rally draws counter-rallies at Stone Mountain

CBS46 News

STONE MOUNTAIN, Ga. (CBS46) – Security was tight and tempers were flaring at the “pro-white” rally at Stone Mountain, Saturday morning.

Frustrated counter-protesters attempted to get face to face with their rivals, but were blocked by police at every turn.

“We’re trying to get through man, we’re not trying to stay here.”

“They ain’t going to let us through.”

Frustrated counter-protesters attempting to get face to face their rivals were blocked by police at every turn.

“Police brutality!”

Unable to get to their intended targets, some protesters took to taunting individual officers.

“A black man should not be in the army of the oppressor. You are a sell out.”

Big money was spent on police to keep order and it was an inconvenience for visitors who are legitimately here to enjoy the outdoors.

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