Professor Giga-Watt helps Save Money

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Those high electric bills you’ve been seeing for the last few months will give way to heating bills.

But there are ways to cut utility costs, if you take some advice from 5th grade students at McConnell Elementary school,  that is.

They finished their science project and called-in Professor Giga-Watt.

“On the bottom, we used aluminum foil, bubble wrap and then we covered it with cardboard, ” says Taylor Reyes

“So, the um, walls are different because we used bubble wrap instead of cotton padding, and we did cotton padding on the roof instead of um, bubble wrap,” says Thais Patrick

The students at McConnell School were invited to take part in a science project—how to keep a house cool in the summer and warm in the winter—and save on the cost.
Librarian Debbie Condry thought up the project.

“So, I did some energy searches on the internet and found a project about energy houses. Which has to do with children building cardboard boxes and insulating them…to prevent heat or cool from escaping, ” says Debbie Condry who is a librarian at McConnel Elementary

There are a lot of science projects she could have chosen–why this one?

“We discovered that heating and cooling a house is the greatest energy need in any of our homes…which translates into, it costs us more money…so, how can we save mom and dad some money.”

The students decided to call in the experts for some tips. Professor Giga-Watt came from EPB–and added a few more thoughts.

Professor Giga-Watt of EPB stated, “You want to just keep that at the same level. You don’t want to go in and turn it up, turn it down…because that will fluctuate in the actual using of the house.”

He brought along Ron Jones who does energy audits for the electric company. He praised the work done by the elementary school students.

Ron Jon of EPB said, “These kids are sharp. These kids put some research in to what they were doing, and they, they were little small engineers ..Is what I’d call them.”

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