Professor helps produce rap encouraging technology moderation

CLEVELAND, Tenn. (WDEF) -Many people rely on computers, smartphones and other devices for work and entertainment daily.

But some are concerned that Americans are using technology so much it’s becoming a problem.

“The modes of communication are changing, even in the classroom. I see this. When I teach a class, the kids are constantly texting. They’re doing something other than sometimes paying attention to the class. Not because they want to pay attention. That’s a little bit about what I’m investigating,” Dr. Luis Almeida said.

Dr. Almeida is a Communication Arts Professor at Lee University.

He’s taking a fun approach to reach out to the younger generation about their technology use.

He helped produce a rap song called “TechnoModeration,” encouraging students to use technology in moderation.

“Sometimes being outside of a computer is a good thing. It’s good to talk with folks be able to actually have moderation in life. Every time we have so much extremities of use of anything they can be pretty problematic,” Dr. Almeida said.

Digital overuse can become an addiction for some and has been linked to negative impacts on mental health.

The latest piece of tech the public is embracing are Personal Assistants that use voice technology.

Ahmed Bouzid was one of the speakers at a recent Alexa conference in Chattanooga.

He is hoping people can start thinking about its negative impacts before they happen.

“It’s important to anticipate so that we have a say perhaps in what kind of features are developed by these companies. How do we bring these technologies in our lives instead of just bringing it like that.,” CEO Witlingo and original head of product for Amazon’s Alexa and Connected Homes initiative Ahmed Bouzid said.

He said people should be aware that voice technology minimizes disruptions.

The technology makes it that much easier to do things like shop online which could lead to impulse buying.

The bottom line: be aware of the potential problems.

Check out “TechnoModeration”:

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