Profiling the Governor’s criminal justice bills

NASHVILLE (WDEF) – Governor Bill Lee signed two bills into law on Monday that resulted from one of his major pushes in the legislative session this year.

They tackle criminal justice reform.

“We’ve worked together to do what’s best for Tennesseans by focusing on conservative practices that will make our communities safer & reduce recidivism.”

The Governor calls this a major change for criminal justice in the state by transforming lives and saving dollars.

The Alternatives to Incarceration Act replaces a law from 1985.

It helps local governments look from prison alternatives in our own communities.

And it caps the length of probation and makes is somewhat harder to violate an offender for a technical probation reason.

The other new law is the Re-Entry Success Act.

It cuts the time between parole hearings, orders mandatory supervision for people coming out of prison and makes it easier for them to get a license, certificate or registration.

Both bills become law on July first.

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