Proposed 210 Unit Affordable Downtown Apartment Complex Struggles with Parking

         An affordable apartment building could be coming to Chattanooga’s Southside Downtown but developers are concerned about parking for their tenants.
     Development Company KORE out of Birmingham, AL wants to build a five story 210 unit apartment building on a vacant lot on Chestnut St.
        But they have to comply with new Form Based Code plans, which require 80 percent of the first floor to be retail space, leaving them with very little space for a parking garage.
        KORE still complied with the requirements, and the zoning change passed at city council unanimously Tuesday night.
        Councilman Larry Grohn said the only reason he voted for it was because of the 42 affordable housing units under the city’s PILOT program.
        "For me, the critical vote is going to be on the PILOT, and that’s where the rubber meets the road on this particular project," said Grohn.
        Councilman Anderson is more optimistic at what these Form Based Code Requirements will do.
        "I think the growth on the Southside as we grow up and not out and we have more urban infill growth especially in Southside Chattanooga we’re going to see more parking more retail and more residential and it’s going to be great for everybody," Anderson said.
        The developers didn’t want to talk on camera about the project but said we can expect a big announcement on the apartments further down the road.
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