Protecting Police Dogs in Hamilton County

Millions of officers across the country often put their lives on the line when they’re called out on the scene of crime.

But it’s their four-legged companion and fellow officer that one local woman is concerned about.

She’s making sure every dog has their own ballistic vest.

Robin Scott is the founder of “Invest in K-9.”

The organization is dedicated to ensuring the protection of police dogs in the Greater Chattanooga area.

Scott said it was a video she saw online that sparked the idea for the charity.

“I watched a canine be killed and being raised by an….I love dogs. Gun violence is getting worse and in this recent year of 2016 9 canines nationwide have lost their lives in the line of duty.”

Each vests cost about $1000 and takes 3-8 weeks to receive.

Scott said the vests are bullet and stab resistant.

They also come with thermals that keeps the dog cool.

There haven’t been any deaths of K-9s due to violence in Hamilton County in recent years and Scott said she wants to make sure it stays that way.

“It can happen anytime any place and it can happen in Chattanooga.  People don’t realize the bond that the officers have with their dogs because their an extension and their a lifeline, they know things we don’t”

The bond between an officer and his K-9 is something Deputy Officer Shane Rominger knows well.

“You begin to, you know just work together. There is a bond there and it’s very special.”

Right now, the Hamilton County Sheriff’s Office has 5 dogs, but only four are covered with vests.

“One of our handlers recently got a new dog and when they transitioned to his new dog the vest he was using on his old service dog wouldn’t fit. It’s hard for us to find the money to purchase these vests and when these organizations come out and help it just makes our job a lot easier.”

“Invest in K-9” has donated 62 vests since the organization began in 2013.

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