Protesters attack dog fight in Bradley County

CLEVELAND, Tennessee (WDEF) – Beloved “Manny” the dog has died after a gruesome animal fighting incident in Bradley County.

Today the community protested that the person held responsible in his death face a harsher charge.

NEWS 12’s Taylor Bishop has our story.

“Couldn’t believe it, shocked, disheartened and sickened people started commenting on Facebook.. we need to go there. We need to let Bradley County know that we are watching this case and we want to see justice served.”

Cleveland community members gathered at the Bradley County Judicial Center this morning with signs to show their support for Manny.

“We have got to really when those calls come in go and those need to be investigated thoroughly.. welfare checks..  point out every stopper possible to go in and take care.. to see What’s going on in that home and make sure it doesn’t happen again and make an example.”

Matthew Garman is charged with fighting or baiting animals, which is a felony.

According to the Bradley County Sheriff’s Office Garman took a video of two dogs fighting and posted it on his Facebook with the caption “He did good.”

“His wounds were very traumatic, I mean he had so many of them and it had been about twenty-four hours. So he was in jeopardy.”

Jamie McAloon with McKamey Animal Center, says she is no stranger to animal cruelty situations.

“Thank God that’s exactly what happened here. This person posted on his Facebook and people saw it and were horrified and copied it and sent it and we got a copy of it. So thank God for the person who did that, and all the other people that called because the Cleveland Police Department got several phone calls.”

Protesters say they plan on asking that Garman be punished to the fullest extent of the law.

“The DA had pushed for a higher bond which is twenty-five thousand but it was stuck at ten thousand by the judge.. that was a little disappointing. So I’m not real happy about that”

The court affidavit says “due to the fact he was filming the fight and not attempting to stop it then posting it for amusement Mr. Garman is being charged with fighting animals”

Garmen’s bond is set at ten thousand dollars with another court date of March nineteenth.
Reporting in Bradley County, Taylor Bishop News 12 Now.

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