Pumped Up Gas Prices

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- According to AAA, the national average in gas prices in March of 2021 are 8 cents higher than the previous year.

In Tennessee and Georgia, that average is about 7 to 8 cents as well.

A spike in cost fueled by the stimulus and vaccine rollout.

“Here at the end of March we’re almost at 2.50 a gallon” said Joshua Bracken.

The federal government’s attention to covid relief has now resulted in what AAA ‘consumer confidence’.

Boosting the demand for gas.

“People are eager to get back on the road and start resuming some of the activities that they were used to doing” says Garrett Townsend from AAA.

But confidence is dropping for some in the ride sharing industry.

Bracken is an Uber driver.

He says the surge in prices at the pump is driving some of his peers away from taking jobs.

“It may not be worth driving from Downtown to Hixson for a ride that’s going to take three minutes” says Bracken.

Although good news may be on the horizon.

“Just over the past day or so we’ve seen a bit of a leveling off of gas prices” says Townsend.

Townsend says Maintenance could be the key to saving gas in the long run.

“Make sure that you have the proper tire pressure” says Townsend. “Make sure all of those fluids are checked on a regular basis because that can also have an effect on your miles per gallon.”

AAA website allows people to estimate their gas expense before they begin to travel.

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