Puppies Take Flight to their New Homes

Puppy Flight

from Whitfield County Animal Shelter

WHITFIELD COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF) — On Tuesday, 11 rescue puppies flew to their new homes in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The puppies were previously located at the Whitfield County Animal Shelter, according to a press release.

Animal shelter employees took the puppies to the Dalton Airport and turned them over to the pilots, the press release said.

The pilots flew the puppies to their new forever homes.

The two pilots were from the non-profit, Pilots to the Rescue.

Pilots to the Rescue is a public benefit organization made of volunteers. They say their goal is transporting domestic animals, endangered animals and people at risk.

The transportation of these puppies made the organization’s fourth flight this year.

“We were extremely happy to work with PTTR and finally get to meet the pilots in person. They communicated with us the entire time, all the way to their landing in PA,” said animal shelter employee Whitney Weaver. “And all the puppies transported today have been vaccinated, spay and neutered, and microchipped.”

The Whitfield County Animal Shelter says 66 new animals have come to the shelter since the start of the year. That is just a little over two weeks.

The Whitfield County Animal Shelter says they are offering $20 spay and neuter services to cats and dogs.

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