Rabid skunk confirmed in Whitfield County

(ED NOTE: The name of the Road has been updated by Police to Tilton Road)


DALTON, Georgia (WDEF) – Health officials confirm that a rabid skunk was killed in southeast Whitfield County a week ago.


A resident says her dogs killed the skunk as it ate food in their pen at the home on Tilton Road, SE and Nance Springs Drive, SE.


Test results came back on Tuesday confirming that the skunk was rabid.


Since the dogs had their rabies vaccinations, they only required a booster shot and close observation.


Whitfield Health officials say “Because the dogs had immediately licked her hands where there were open scratches, (Chad) Mulkey advised her to speak with her personal physician and the Georgia Poison Control Center to determine if preventive post-exposure rabies treatment would be advisable. Generally, this kind of secondary contact through pets is not considered human rabies exposure, but each case must be considered individually and is a decision between the person and their physician with recommendations from public health.”


Officials remind us that rabies is just about 100% fatal once symptoms appear in humans.


And 99% of the human cases are passed from dogs.


Wild mammals can spread rabies through bites and scratches.


Raccoons are the main targets of rabies prevention in the wild, but many wild creatures (like skunks) can get it and spread it.

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