Racing for Addie

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- There’s a story behind each competitor in Saturday’s 70 plus mile Iron challenge in Chattanooga today.

“My wife actually inspired me to get involved in this” says Chris Ray. “Back in 2015 I had been doing nothing at all and she had been doing a couple of marathons.”

After Chris Ray’s wife Michelle influenced him to become a part of the Iron Man competition, the two began racing for a different source of inspiration.

“So our daughter is disabled” says Chris.

The Ray’s daughter Addie, has a condition called Angelman Syndrome.

Addie is non-verbal but her face has lit up with joy since her parents first began including her in all of their races.

“She enjoyed it so much” says Michelle Ray. “God’s dreams are always so much bigger than ours.”

And the Ray’s share that dream by promoting their Addie Ray Racing team at each competition in order to raise money for equipment so people with special needs can can have the opportunity to compete.

“So a race like this is not necessarily about winning, it’s just about encouraging people that no matter what your condition is, you belong” asked News 12’s Winston Reed.

“Absolutely” says Chris. “It’s all about inclusion.”

To donate or a volunteer for the Addis Ray Racing team, click this link:

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