Rains causes large crack in Rhea Co. mountain road

3:30 PM UPDATE: TDOT reports that the crack above Spring City has now become a full fledged slide.  While crews were still assessing the problem, they heard a popping sound and ran for it.  The cracked pavement then slid down the mountain slope.  No one was injured.  But Highway 68 is now totally closed while TDOT waits for the bank to stabilize.


TDOT Update: The crack/settling on SR-68 is about 3 miles north of U.S. 27 in Spring City heading up the mountain.

SPRING CITY, Tennessee (WDEF) – The heavy rain has caused a large crack in Highway 68 in Rhea County.

It happened on the section heading up the mountain from Spring City toward Cumberland County.

From photos, it appears the road bed is beginning to slide downhill.

The state is reducing the highway to one lane until they can make repairs.

TDOT officials tell us they have had trouble with this stretch of highway before.

They now have crews on the scene to see what they will have to do stabilize the bank.

They hope to make the repairs without having to completely close the highway.

** Photos from Rhea County Sheriff’s Dept.

Highway 68 crack



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