RBI Youth Baseball & The Lookouts Give Support To Local Kids

CHATTANOOGA,TN, (WDEF)-"You get to throw, catch, anything you want to do on the field"

For these kids, young and old, finally getting to play at A T and T field is a dream come true.
    Others are excited to be sharing this opportunity with their friends.
"Its really fun playing with them, because I am moving to California August 12th so i’m trying to just spend as much time with them as I can"

Coaches and organizers say health and fitness is becoming more of a concern for our youth and they are glad to get these kids away from the playstations and xboxes.

"Get them moving while it’s hot outside but also say hey there is a time you can hydrate, there’s a time to get water, there’s a proper way to stretch, not hurt your muscles use your body, it’s super important"

This year’s event has more  participants than ever before, including 15 Lookouts coaches and mentors.

"We have been doing RBI baseball since 2007 so that’s 7 years, it’s been growing every year, we almost doubled our numbers this year with baseball alone"

Parents came out to support their kids, who they say have loved the sport since before they could even walk.

"I bought him a glove and bat for Christmas, just a simple one with velcro on it, I would notice at night he would go to sleep with the glove on his hand, when the ball would come of his hand he would just jump up and look for the ball"

Kids spent the day pitching and batting and also got to hang out in the official Lookout’s Dugouts.

Rich Mozingo of the Lookouts says they will host an all star game tomorrow evening.
     He added that some of the children involved today could turn pro in the coming years.

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