Recalling High School Pitching Showdown Between Cole Wilcox and Kumar Rocker

Former Heritage high school pitcher and Georgia sophomore Cole Wilcox is expected to go in the first round of the MLB Draft Wednesday night. Vanderbilt sophomore pitching sensation Kumar Rocker should go in the first round next year.
We got to see the two possible future major leaguers face off at Heritage back in 2018 as the Generals entertained North Oconee.
The landmark contest may have set the area record for most scouts in attendance.

The Cole Wilcox-Kumar Rocker showdown went down in the second round of the state playoffs, but the atmosphere made it feel like a championship round.

Said Wilcox:”It was definitely or probably a record crowd at Heritage. That was a super cool environment. It was everything that it was cracked up to be. That was really a memorable game.”

Reporter:”About how many scouts do you think attended that game?”

Said Heritage head coach Eric Beagles:”You know I think the last count I had, and then I had to kind of get started on things or whatever. I heard that there were 38 there.”

The marquee match-up might have been bittersweet for both players.

Said Wilcox:”We played on Team USA together, so we spent about four weeks living with each other in Canada. it was a super cool experience. We won a gold medal together, so year we were really close.”

Wilcox got the best of his friend finishing with eight strikeouts as Heritage won 6-3.
Said Beagles:”We had a senior Lance Dockery an outfielder, our lead-off guy, hit a home run in the bottom of the first inning. One of the things we knew we had to do was we had to get him to throw a lot of pitches. For us we were able to do that. He threw 99 pitches in four innings, where Cole threw 103 and threw a complete game.”

Rocker had only 3 strikeouts in four innings, but there he was barely a year later, throwing a no-hitter for Vanderbilt in the NCAA playoffs.

Said Wilcox:”That was really fun to watch. I was probably as nervous as he was that last inning hoping he got them. That was really cool. He got in a zone and was locked in.”

Said Beagles:”I had somebody shoot me a text saying how in the world did you guys beat that guy.” (laughter)

After seeing that gem from Kumar, it has Beagles cherishing that special match-up at Heritage even more.

Said Beagles:”To be honest, I had to try to keep telling myself and remind myself that you need to enjoy this because you’re probably never going to see this again.”

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