Recalling Stephen Curry’s Time Against the Chattanooga Mocs

Chattanooga-(WDEF) Sometimes it’s hard to believe the reigning MVP of the NBA made several stops in Chattanooga.
When Stephen Curry was at Davidson, he played five times at McKenzie Arena.
Three times against UTC, and twice when Chattanooga hosted the SoCon Tournament.
A trio of people close to the action at the Roundhouse help recall Curry’s legend.
Said the Voice of the Mocs Jim Reynolds,"He wouldn’t intimidate by daughter, but he was so tough and made so many shots, and he made it look so easy."
Said Mocs PA Announcer Scott McMahen,"The thing about him to me that jumped out immediately was his presence on the court. I can remember Bob McKillop, who was the coach from Davidson. He’d be like, Steph! And he would turn around and be like, I got it."
Said former Mocs head coach John Shulman,"He came running by and said coach, I like what you’re doing to me. He said I will figure it out in a second. I said all right Steph. He came back by in about a second and said I got it figure out now."
Said McMahen,"Well I remember David Conrady, who was an assistant for John Shulman a long time. He said, we can’t guard him. We can’t guard him."
Said Shulman,"We all thought we were inferior because no one could get it figured out. Then he goes on that next stage really in the NCAA Tournament at that time. And all we did was laugh and giggle because everybody else was getting on that stage what we were getting every night."
Said Shulman,"I actually had a chance two years ago to sit down with Steph out in Oakland. He looked at me and said coach, you remember that shot I made against you?"
(Curry hit a 75-foot shot before halftime)
Said McMahen,"And that place erupted. And I had to go, Steph Curry for three. It was like so disappointing."
Said Reynolds,"You couldn’t help but just say, did I just see that? And everyone said yes, I think I did after 15 replays on Channel 12. I think I said yes, I did just see that."
Said Shulman,"The first thing I did at halftime was I looked at Keyron (Sheard), and I went, you’ve got to get your hand up. He said coach, it was from 75-feet. I said, I don’t care."
Said Reynolds,"We’re in his world. Thank you for letting us live there."
Said Shulman,"It’s one thing to watch (Michael) Jordan come through (Chattanooga) once, and then you get to see him on TV. It’s another to have Steph kind of being apart of you and apart of the Southern Conference."
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