Recap of Day 14 of Demonstrations in Chattanooga

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF)- Day 14 of Chattanooga protests were motivated by the latest police altercation in Atlanta where Rayshard Brooks died in a Wendy’s parking lot. 

It offered a fuel of passion as protesters marched the streets. 

Demonstrators primary message stayed the same. “Defund the police”. 

“Divest! Invest!” said Activist C-Grimey. 

Protest leaders double down on their message, demanding officials to redirect police funding into community oriented programs. 

“Your city council person, hit their email, hit their phone and you tell them ‘pause the budget, table the budget.” said C-Grimey. 

the recent death of Rayshard Brooks who was involved in a police altercation at a Wendy’s in Atlanta, fueled activists. 

“The murder of our brother Rayshard hits so hard because it’s right down the road. We often visit Atlanta. A lot of us are very familiar with Atlanta. A lot of black men especially feel like that could be them at any time” said C-Grimey. 

Demonstrators began their march on the veterans bridge. Forcing cars to turn around. 

The march continued on Market street. 

Gaining the attention of bystanders, some who feel uneasy towards the ongoing demonstrations. 

“I have friends that have died. I went to funerals and everything” said a local bystander. “Y’all know who did it but you won’t go to court and testify cause you a snitch. But you stand out here against 12 and say black lives matter. Do it really?” 

And what matters to Marie Mott is the history of the scenic city. 

“Chattanooga has missed the mark before of understanding greatness of people and their potential” said Mott. “In 1960 I believe it was on December the 30th. That would be the last time that Dr. Martin Luther King would step foot in Chattanooga. It was so important that he called out the racist system in this city and he said let freedom ring from lookout mountain.” 

Protest ended at Coolidge park around 10 p.m. Saturday night.  

Demonstrations will pick back up Monday, June 15th at Miller park and many are expected to join the virtual city council meeting via Zoom Tuesday, June 16th at 6 p.m.

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