Reconstruction Begins on Polk County Fire Station

OCOEE, Tenn. (WDEF)- Weeks ago News 12 reported on the devastating destruction that happened in Polk County, where multiple buildings were flattened by a tornado.

West Polk Fire and Rescue crews and volunteers start the rebuilding phase in hopes to lift some spirits.

“What’s going on here this individual has re-roofed these buildings a few years ago and due to the storm damage he found out that we are going to rebuild our Ocoee station… it was completely destroyed, leveled and he found out that we were building back and he offered to provide this metal to us,” said the Fire Chief of West Polk Fire and Rescue, Steven Lofty.

This one saved the county over 10- thousand dollars alone.

With that and high hopes from the community,  rebuilding doesn’t seem like just another chore.

“It’s terrible we lost a station, but you know the man upstairs works in strange ways. We are now getting enough that we can take maybe one or two of our smaller stations and expand them, so it’s all part of it,” said volunteer, Ray Stewart.

“Quite a bit of community support that’s come in and we have corporate support that’s also their looking into to help us so, we think we are going to be able to put our station back and have what we need and what’s going to be best for the community and for it’s growth in the future,” said Lofty.

The new station will consist of 4 bays stretching to almost 500 feet in length to hold their vehicles and various safety equipment alongside with other necessary amenities.

Yet, this is just one of the many structures in Polk County damaged last year.

Around 10 other structures need to be rebuilt, but residents will only be taking this one building at a time.

“Keep us in your prayers and come say hi when you can, we can always use a volunteer and a smiling face,” said Stewart.

The new Ocoee Fire Station will take about three to four months to build accumulating about 110-thousand dollars in construction costs.

If you would like to donate to help click here.

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