Recovering addict inspires others with her story

CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — A recovering opioid addict is sharing her success story with the hope of inspiring others in the Tennessee Valley.

At CADAS, Adrianna DeBusk went through treatment. After the birth of her son, she was prescribed painkillers and became addicted.

“It just kind of went in a downward spiral from there,” DeBusk said.

DeBusk found the program at CADAS life changing.

“What was helpful was I went to a halfway house. I went to sober living apartments. I did the things I need to do,” she said.

She was in counseling and took an opiate blocker called VIVITROL. The director of nursing and compliance, Cassandra Harden, says they give the injection once every 28 days.

“It sits on the opioid receptors to block anything else from coming and it just helps to control cravings. So it pulls all of the thoughts that usually run around in your head and kind of quiets them down, so they can concentrate on the recovery and counseling. They had to do both hand in hand. It is not one magical injection and then they are cured. It just helps quiet everything,” Harden said.

Now DeBusk is back at CADAS, but this time as an employee. She works as a technician.

“They helped me so much. I kind of wanted to give back to the other addicts and alcoholics that have a problem because I understand how they feel. There is another way out, instead of just living in despair all of the time,” DeBusk said.

People in treatment get coins for each part of the process they complete. Harden says she enjoys watching then go through their journey.

“It is nice to be apart of a solution instead of seeing all of the helplessness that people can have,” Harden said.

DeBusk has been clean for nearly two years. For those struggling, she says it’s possible.

“There is hope and there is another way out,” DeBusk said.

CADAS receives a grant, so they are able to give VIVITROL to patients for free.

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