Recovering from Learning Loss Due to “Covid Slide”

HAMILTON COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF)- Tennessee lawmakers have passed a bill that prevents teachers from being fired if their students fall behind during the covid pandemic.

“Moving forward there will be a program set in place over the Summer, and prior to school starting, that will help young people get back up to speed” said Representative of District 28 Yusuf Hakeem.

That program mentioned by Rep. Hakeem, includes an extra hour of studying each day and a six week summer school program.

“We’re talking about trying in-particular- trying to prepare those young people who are in the third grade going to the 4th grade. That’s a critical year in many different ways.”

As lawmakers push for in-class learning, no decision has been set in stone.

If Hamilton County continues with hybrid learning, Rep. Hakeem says he’s open to new ideas to alleviate learning loss, “We feel that a number of young people are behind at this time and we have to use every tool in the tool in the tool box and maybe some things that are available that we’re not using at this time.”

“It’s really hard to find a reading teacher who’s just right for your family. Especially during covid” said CEO of ‘Just Right Reader’ Sara Rich.

Rich says her company matches families with an ideal literacy teacher to help accelarate children’s learning levels, “Every family wants desperately for their child to love to read. If you love to read you’ll do math well, you’ll do science well. Everything will come together.”

If things go lawmakers way and studens are back in the classroom, teachers will be compensated up to 1 thousand dollars per week during the summer school program according to Rep. Hakeem.

Here is a link to Just Right Reader’s website:


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