Reddit Post Targets Two Chattanooga Hospitals

UDPATE #2: Scott Quiner passed away Saturday at a hospital in Houston.

UPDATE: Since the airing of this story, the post has been deleted, and moved to a subreddit channel where you would need the link to access it.


CHATTANOOGA, Tenn. (WDEF) — Reddit is a place where you can find information on just about anything: from recipes to video game tutorials to sports news.

It’s also a place where controversy looms around almost every corner, as evidenced by one tip News 12 received today targeting two of Chattanooga’s hospitals.

News 12 received a tip on Friday about a Reddit post specifically naming over 60 hospitals across the country, claiming that doctors are intentionally killing COVID patients.

Two of those hospitals are Erlanger and Parkridge from here in Chattanooga.

It started from a case that made national news earlier this week – the case of Scott Quiner of Minnesota.

He was on a ventilator in a Minnesota hospital when doctors informed his wife that there was nothing else doctors could do to save Quiner, and he would have the apparatus removed last week Thursday.

His wife, Annie, quickly filed a restraining order to stop the move, and ultimately found him a new hospital in Texas that would keep him alive.

That led conservative talk show host Stew Peters to take up Annie’s case and made posts to help get Quiner moved.

What those posts led to was a Reddit rabbit hole that accused doctors of murder and the big pay day of a hundred thousand dollars for doctors to kill unvaccinated patients.

That’s when we saw all 64 hospitals named in the Reddit post, and numbers 54 and 55 are Erlanger and Parkridge.

The comments have become so heated that satellite images of doctors’ homes were posted. We will not show any of them.

We reached out to both Erlanger and Parkridge asking for comment, but no one was available to speak with us.

What both did say was that they are aware of the posts, and they have a security plan for staff in case of an actual threat.

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