Remembering April 25 Minute to Minute: 5:19 CST Rainsville

RAINSVILLE, Alabama (WDEF) – The most powerful tornado to hit our region began in the small Sand Mountain community of Lakeview at 5:19 CST.

It started small, but blew up as it raced through Fyffe, Rainsville, and Sylvania.

This storm topped out at an EF5 (the highest category) with 200 mile per hour winds.

It was half a mile wide when it hit Rainsville.

Homes were completely blown off foundations and landmark businesses and buildings were destroyed.

The community center at the high school collapsed.

That is where the city has rebuilt a memorial and garden for the 35 people who were killed there.

Debris was scattered up to a mile downstream.

The Mountain View Baptist Church in Sylvania lost the old portion built in 1902.


Rainsville tornado
“Another view of the remains of the stone-built home on Skaggs Rd. Notice the large piece of concrete foundation that was pulled out of the ground.”

Rainsville Waffle House
“The remains of the Huddle House restaurant in Rainsville along Hwy 75.”


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