Remembering Tulsa Race Massacre 100 years later

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- The Chattanooga Festival of Black Arts and Ideas gathered Monday to remember when the wealthiest U.S. Black community was burned to the ground 100 years ago.

100 years ago a white supremacist group raided, burned, and destroyed Greenwood, a Black-owned business district and residential neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

As many as 300 African Americans were killed and thousands of homes were burned to the ground.

Founder/ CEO Chattanooga Festival of Black Arts and Ideas Ricardo Morris said this is a way for those lost and those who survived to be remembered.

“We need to all get along together. I know that sound somewhat cliché but the idea of a white mob having so much rage and so much envy and jealousy that they would destroy the entire community and not I like what we’re seeing right now with the white supremacy they were doomed to repeat that if we can’t sort those issues out right now,” said Morris.

Before the massacre, Greenwood was often referred to as the Black Wall Street due to its economic success.

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