Reporting child abuse in Dade County

DADE COUNTY, Ga. (WDEF) — A Rising Fawn man was arrested for abusing his two children.

Dade County Sheriff Ray Cross says what started as animal abuse ended in child abuse at a home in Rising Fawn.

“They have a cat that was in the house and he was holding the cat by the neck and trying to choke it. And the little 11-year-old boy of his tried to get him to stop. And when he did, he dropped the cat and hit the little boy three or four times in the face with his fist and the little 6-year-old daughter tried to break that up and he took his hand and smacked the girl in the face knocking her down,” Sheriff Cross said.

44-year-old Kevin Dale Andrews is accused of abusing his two children Wednesday morning. He is charged with cruelty to children, which causes excessive physical and mental pain in the first degree and also, battery.

Sheriff Cross says he is accused of doing something similar in Pennsylvania.

“They actually moved here from Pennsylvania approximately a month ago. He was also I think charged up in Pennsyvania for the same type of abuse,” Sheriff Cross said.

When a report of child abuse comes in the Dade County Division of Family and Children Services investigates it.

“Our main goal is just to ensure the safety of the child and throughout the life of the case we are constantly assessing whether that child is safe,” said Kathy Ragon, county director at Dade County Division of Family and Children Services.

Ragon says if you see something worrisome, report it.

“There are all kinds of signs some of the signs are going to be more obvious, unexplained bruises or unexplained marks on children. Also has the child’s behavior changed are you noticing something different in the child that you have not seen before,” Ragon said.

Sheriff Cross says Andrews could also face animal abuse charges.



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