Residents Enjoy Highway 27 Yard Sale

CHICKAMAUGA, GA (WDEF) -Balls and babydolls, David Morgan sells those treasures and well, everything in between at the Highway 27 Yard Sale.

Gene Stancel, a shopper, says, "That’s a Buck, one of the better knives on the market."

Becky Turner and her family have been coming here for the last six years.

Turner adds, "Ever since they was big enough to start walking."

Her children save their money all year.

We asked them what makes it back to their home in Walker County.

Turner says, "You’d be surprised."

Now, this isn’t to be confused with the World’s Longest Yard Sale.

That’s next weekend and runs along the 127 Corridor.

This one is along Highway 27, smaller scale, but residents say that doesn’t mean smaller sales.

David Morgan, Owner of Battlefield Jewelry and Pawn, says, "If we got something in, say a bicycle over there, we got $50 in it for a pawn.  We’re letting it go for $30. It doesn’t matter.  We’re getting rid of everything."

Businesses like Battlefield Jewelry and Pawn in Chickamauga sell, and so do individual families until this Sunday at 7 p.m.

Turner adds, "I just look for old things."

Also, parking doesn’t seem to be a problem.

Turner says, "You know the saying somebody elses junk is someone elses treasure? Well, that’s what I look for and stuff."

Morgan adds, "If we don’t have it, I can guarantee by the time you get here or before the time you leave."

There’s a Facebook page set up called Highway 27 Yard Sale.

You can go there to find out where other vendors are setting up along Highway 27.

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