Residents Evacuate Homes as Wildfire Spreads on Signal Mountain

SIGNAL MOUNTAIN, Tenn. (WDEF) –Multiple fire agencies from the Tennessee Valley and Nevada continue to battle wildfires on Signal Mountain.

The blazes have now threatened multiple homes in the Boston Branch subdivision on Little Bend Road.

News 12’s spoke to emergency officials about what they’re doing to help make sure those people and their homes are safe and protected.

Sixty-four residents in the subdivision have evacuated as wildfires continue creep near their homes.

“We were reporting that we actually had 180,000  gallons (water) that were sprayed on the residents properties just to keep them soaked to help as far as contain this fire”, said Amy Maxwell, spokesperson for the Hamilton County Emergency Management Agency.

Although the evacuation was not mandatory Hamilton County Emergency Management wants to ensure families safety.

“We’re just trying to make sure that in the event that that fire did get into the vicinity of the area that we know that every single resident has been accounted for.”

As crews work tirelessly to battle the fiery blazes those homeowners effected and fellow community members have turned to social media to offer assistance to those who evacuated.

“These residents are going to be able to return to home here shortly. It just depends on how well these fires get under control”, said Maxwell.

Emergency crews are literally fighting an uphill battle.

“As soon as we get a hand line built we get some winds that pick up or leaves the drop off of a tree falling on our hand lines and causing those fires to break over. So we’re constantly attacking the fire”, said Tim Phelps with the Tennessee Division of Forestry.

Crews from across the country have been called in to help combat this massive fire.

“We’re fortunate to have a federal team, hand crew in here of folks from Nevada from the Bureau of Land Management.”

Nearly 800 acres have already burned and officials said they’re doing all they can to put the blaze out and find a cause.

“Many signs point to the cause firsthand and with this one it is suspicious. We’re certainly going to keep it under investigation”, said Phelps.

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