Residents still concerned about Mullins Cove Road

MARION COUNTY, Tenn. (WDEF) — With the rain, some residents in Marion County are worried Mullins Cove Road will wash away again.

Sheryl Davenport’s property sits right in front of the river.

“It is a beautiful place and we love it. But it has become a nightmare,” Davenport said.

She is talking about the road. It had to be closed for three weeks after part of it was sliding, causing people who wanted to go to Jasper to take a detour.

“We didn’t go to church, which is you know, and my husband took the Interstate to work over there because of hauling his trailer. We just didn’t go,” Davenport said.

Crews fixed the slide and recently opened the area back up.

“So as of right now, it is passable, but I know a lot of people who are scared to drive on it because it is still caving in and they don’t feel like it is a safe place to drive on,” Davenport said.

In addition to where the slide happened, Davenport says other parts of the road have had problems.

“There are no off roads. There is no way out of here. So yeah, being trapped is my biggest concern,” she said.

Davenport wants a more permanent fix.

“You know whether they have to do some bridges across some places, whether they have to do reinforcements, whether they have to go back up into the mountain to fix the road. You know I really don’t know, I am just a layman,” Davenport said.

She hopes there is change.

“It is very dangerous and in this day and age, it shouldn’t be that way.”

The Marion County Road Superintendent estimates it would cost $4 million to fix the road. He says they are trying to get federal funding.

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