Resolute Set To Bring 100+ Jobs To Calhoun With 270 Million Dollar Expansion

MCMINN COUNTY,TN, (WDEF)-Next time you reach for a box of tissues check where it came from.

Resolute in Calhoun are moving away from paper production and entering the billion dollar tissue market.

Richard Garneau, President and Chief Executive Officer, "Smoother, to improve the absorptions, i think having two different pulps here, we make pine pulp and oil wood pulp so there is a mix of the two to make sure you have the strength".

Hiring for the 105 workers needed to operate the tissue manufacturing expansion begins this month.

A machine capable of making 60,000 tons of tissue paper every year will be installed at this Calhoun by 2017 and all tissues will be sold to local stores.

Richard Garneau, President and Chief Executive Officer,"It will be the first time that we are going to sell product made here in Calhoun that is going to be sold directly to the consumer market, the expectations are always high."

Just a few years ago Resolute shut down two of the company’s five main machines and hundreds of staff were let go.

John Gentry, McMinn County Mayor,"Our largest tax payer, has been for 60 years, to pivot with the changing economic times to go from once struggling financially to now this is our second 100 million plus expansion announcement in 24 months".

Gentry’s father worked at the plant for nearly 40 years and welcomes the Montreal company choosing Calhoun.

"Got to enjoy some of the simple luxuries that the plant afforded to its employees, its always been a great place to work and always been one of our higher paying employers".

Resolute Forest Products manages 36 million acres of forest land in North America.

For information on how to apply for the jobs, check below.

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