Ridgeland Fullback Chris Henderson Enjoys Running Over People

Walker County, GA-(WDEF) Ridgeland’s Chris Henderson is not a fullback.

He’s a full-bull.
Henderson is a punishing runner who has racked up nearly 800-yards rushing this season.
And tonight, he’ll look to stampede a few defenders as Ridgeland travels to Saint Pius for the first round of the state playoffs.

    At a compact 5-9, 225 pounds, Chris Henderson is built to run people over.
"My 7th grade year, I was at left guard. Coach Lewis switched me to fullback. I don’t know. I guess I fell in love with running over people."
Reporter-"What do you recall the first time you saw him on the field even when you were at Gilmer?"
Said Ridgeland head coach Wesley Tankersley-"When I was at Gilmer, I didn’t know how we were going to stop him."
Said Henderson-"Once I see an open gap. I’m tip-toeing. I cut right. And if I see somebody, yes, I’m going to run them over."
    Henderson’s bruising style makes him a fan favorite.
Tankersley-"My wife and I were watching the highlights on Channel 12 the other night after we got home. He stiff-armed a kid from Gilmer. She said man, I love it when he does that. I think that gets the crowd pumped up and ready to go."
   Imagine the leverage Henderson gets.
Tankersley-"Yeah, he’s got the low center of gravity and strength. He can bench press and squat pretty much anything he wants to most of the time."
    The Panthers ground and pound running back is also an outstanding wrestler.
Tankersley-"He’s going to be a state champion wrestler. He came in second last year. I think those wrestling skills and what he uses there really translate well to the football field too."
Henderson-"It helps me with all my balance. Best balance I’ve had came from wrestling. Wrestling has been my favorite sport since the sixth grade."
Reporter-"Do fans call you the bus or the human bowling ball or anything like that?"
Henderson-"My mom calls me the human bowling ball only because she saw it on TV."(laughter)
Tankersley-"He comes to work everyday with a great attitude, and he’s a great team player. To me, that’s as big as anything else that he does."
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