The ritziest suburbs in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina

(WDEF) – Business Insider and Zillow have been crunching the numbers to find the most expensive suburbs in the country.

And then they broke them down by state.

Here are the top suburbs in our part of the country.


Forest Hills in Nashville, near Belle Meade.

Median home value: $954,000

Population: 5,002

Forest Hills is a nine square mile residential city in Nashville, founded in 1957. When the rest of the city and county combined, Forest Hills didn’t.


Druid Hills is a neighborhood in Atlanta around Emory University.

Median home value: $611,700

Population: 13,895

Druid Hills was a planned community started by prominent Atlanta families, including Coca-Cola founder Asa Candler. It contains some of the city’s most historic mansions from the late 19th and early 20th century and the string of parks along Ponce de Leon Avenue.  It is now the Druid Hills Historic District.


Mountain Brook in Birmingham

Median Home value: $648,300

Population: 20,438

Mountain Brook is a city that was designed in 1929 as a residential subdivision on Red Stone Mountain, overlooking Birmingham. It was designed with estate-sized tracks of land that surrounded three “villages”.. English Village, Mountain Brook Village and Crestline Village.  In 1955, Mountain Brook built the first office park in the country. In 2008, it was the 8th wealthiest community in America, next to a city where a quarter of the population was under the poverty line.


Biltmore Forest is on the south end of Asheville.

Median home value: $984,700

Population: 1,517

Biltmore Forest was created by a flood in 1916 that damaged large portions of the Biltmore estate land.  The Biltmore Company decided to sell off the property to lessen their tax burden.  People began building homes on the newly available land and the city was created in 1923.  Asheville tried to annex part of it, but the legislature intervened and kept Biltmore Forest independent.



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