Riverbend Beach

2-hundred and 20 tons of sand. That’s what you’ll see when you walk down Riverfront Parkway at Riverbend Beach.

Tammy Zumbrun, Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union said, "It is going to go to greater heights than we have seen before here at Riverbend. The artists are going to be doing a train theme." Sand artists arrived Thursday to start their Thomas the Tank Engine design in conjunction with the Creative Discover Museum. Patrick Harsch, Sand Sculpturist said "Well we start with piles of sand and this year we are going to use frame work. We are going to try and get some height, so the frame work is basically, think of it like a bucket, except it’s layered up like a cake. Then we pack 2-foot at a time, compressing up." Harsch says they are going to try and get the train to around 12-feet high. Harsch said, "It’s going to be a collage of Thomas and all of his friends, and some Chattanooga icons thrown in here and there."

Families can also stop on the other side of the Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union hut and play in the sand. Zumbrun said, "We have a sand mound that children can play in and all of the tools they need to build sand sculptures, so its a great family area." While you are there, you can sign up at the Tennessee Valley Federal Credit Union hut for your chance to win a gift package to New Orleans. Zumbrun said, "It will be a 3 night stay at Spring Hill Suites in New Orleans and round trip for 4 on Amtrak to New Orleans to tie the whole train theme together. And of course, Chattanooga is a train town so its going to be a fun week."

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