Riverbend Recap

Saturday night was the last night of Riverbend with those famous fireworks and Stone Temple Pilots closing out the show.

And officials said sunny skies, a stronger economy, and additional performances to the Coke stage helped Riverbend enormously this year.

"Mother nature has been very kind to us this week," said Friends of the Festival’s Marketing Director Amy Morrow. "That’s tricky. She can either be our best friend or our worst enemy."

The coke stage opened at 6:30 for the first time adding a second headlining act each night.

"it was a test or kind of a gamble with the extra act, the 6:30 act we added and that’s an investment," said Morrow. "You never know how that’s going to go. The idea was to get folks into the festival earlier."

Vendors told officials they are happy but until numbers come in, there are too many factors to predict this year’s Riverbend success just yet.

"When you look at the year before you look at everything that happened that night like the act and the weather so you have a few variables that have to come into play before you can say this night was better than last year or this festival was better, more attended and all that," said Morrow.

Emergency medical officials said the week was pretty uneventful, with the heat being the biggest cause of health issues.

This was Riverbend’s Emergency Medical Services Commander Lieutenant Tony Sylvester’s 22nd year working the festival.

"Most of it’s heat exposure," said Sylverster. "That’s typically what we deal with every year. We do have a few isolated extremity injuries, people not paying attention, people tripping over curbs, that sort of thing, abrasions, scrapes, some fractures. This year has not been really worse than any other year."

Officials also so there were no exceptional crime incidents that made this year worse than others.

In addition to exceptional security presence, Amy Morrow credits the unique Chattanooga crowd.

"The crowd looks after each other," said Morrow. "You know, they kind of take care of each other and have safety in mind. And they keep that in mind, it’s something of the Chattanooga way. It’s like we’re all looking around and looking out for one another."

Though numbers won’t be officially out until later next week, officials are confident the sunny skies and extra show time on the Coke Stage made this year a smashing success.

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