Robotics Challenge Held At Volkswagen

CHATTANOOGA, Tennessee (WDEF)- Many elementary and middle school students competed in a robotics challenge at Volkswagen today.

The VEX IQ challenge allows them to compete in a robotics challenege here in their own home.

Many people came out to support the students, even Hamilton Counties very own Dr. Johnson.

Organizers say that having the event at Volkswagen gives the students the opportunity to look into the future.

Scott Rosenow, from Tennessee Valley Robotics says, “It’s great to have that kind of mindset, helping us to know how this is going to impact the future if the students and that’s really great to see. To know that we can go into the gallery at lunch time and see robots that are building cars and that helps the students situate that hey, we’re doing this so that in the future we can maybe do that.”

The students compete for points.

Each team works together throughout the year to prepare for various competitions.

Some members of the Signal Mountain Robotics team says, “We all help with building the robot, planning, working on the processing journal. We usually split it up. It’s usually pretty balanced between boys and girls because even though we only have one girl, she usually keeps us all in check.”

A team from CSLA took home the win today.

Congratulations ladies!

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