Robyn Hope Makes Shakespeare and Other Literary Classics Hip

Inside Heritage High School, you’ll find a special classroom filled with Hope.  Robyn Hope parlayed her love of reading as a child, into a career teaching literature.  "Places I could never really go, people I could never really meet, but in the pages of these books I could pretend I was there and kind of experience it."

Her passion for the written word spreads like a contagion as she finds ways to take old language and update it for technologically inclined generation, like using, which tells you in modern language what Shakespeare’s writings mean.  "I have them do things for assignments like write a tweet as though you were one of the characters or I have them create facebook pages for characters or turn passages into text messages."

Students say Hope’s creative way of teaching makes her class a daily highlight.  Senior Kandace Kendrick says "all the other teachers you go in and its the same stuff every day, but with Ms. Hope everyday is different. She always has something new to teach, some different way of teaching."

Students created scrapbooks, board games, and other unique projects to prove their understanding of the text.

Hope is also not afraid to tell her students what she really thinks, calling them out when they need correcting.  Senior Courtney Harris says "she’s pretty good about making sure we’re on task and making sure we’re doing what we’re supposed to be doing."

Hope finds it incredible that she gets paid to share her love of reading… "that’s my passion and hopefully I get them to at least be able to tolerate it."

It’s no wonder she scrapped a career in Interior Design to construct a classroom of literary wonders.

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