Rock Spring Elementary First Lego League

A group of 4th and 5th grade students at Rock Spring Elementary School are on their way to Georgia Tech this weekend. The team has advanced to the Lego Robotics state championship.

Melissa Lemons, Rock Spring Elementary Assistant Principal said, "We are the Robo Rockets. We are a first lego league team here at Rock Spring Elementary School." The first Lego League team focuses on teamwork, professionalism and respect while simply having fun programming robots. Braden Queen, 5th grade student said, "We are learning teamwork especially because we use it outside of FLL, boy scouts and girl scouts and more. And we also learn gracious professionalism like in church, not fighting and arguing."

The students have to do a major project every year along with running the robot. Max Bowman, 5th grade student said, "We combined them for our project which was how to teach electricity to kids in a fun and exciting way. We combined them because we thought it would teach them better and more fun so they wouldn’t be bored in class. " Nicholas Radtke, 5th grade student said, "I think our project is really cool because its very cool to learn about electricity because we use it 24-7 everyday." The robot runs on a special board and students have to program the robot to complete different missions including throwing a soccer ball into a net. Radtke said, "I think its really cool how we have the piano set up over there, and that we can all grab hands and all the electricity flows through us. And somebody can just touch it and hit the piano and it plays." Andrew Lemons, 5th grade student said, "Its cool how you can program the robot over there to do multiple things that you have to accomplish on the board in order to get points to win. I just think that is a very neat concept."

Roper and TVA sponsor the team and purchased the robots. The team will compete with other elementary and middle school students across the state of Georgia.

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