Rossville Mayor Avoids Questions After Pulling Abortion Ordinance from Agenda

  Last month two ordinances were presented to the Rossville city council for a vote.
     The first is an ordinance outlawing pill mills in the city.
     The second one would ban any abortion services in the city limits.
     Many people argued the abortion ban was unconstitutional.
     News 12 spoke to the Mayor over the phone last week and he said the abortion ordinance had been pulled from the agenda indefinitely, but would only say it was because of "constitutional issues" and wouldn’t explain any further.
      So, at Monday nights city council meeting we wanted to get some answers about the ordinances.
        The council passed the Pill Mill ordinance unanimously, but the Mayor only answered two questions.
        Reporter: "Mayor just explain to me what this ordinance does."
        Mayor Harris:"This is just another tool for law enforcement."
        Reporter "What does it do about the pill mills?"
        Mayor Harris: "it makes it where we can try them here in municipal court"
        The Mayor then walked away from the on camera interview and refused to answer any more questions.
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