Rossville Police Looking For Vandals

Rossville city officials have set the damage estimate at 12-thousand dollars at City Park.
Vandals hit Wednesday night and police are still looking for clues as to who they might be.

DET. DAVE SCROGGINS, ROSSVILLE POLICE DEPT. ” It looks to me like it was somebody who went down just to see what they could break.”

City employees and volunteers have cleaned up most of the damage, but police would like to find out who tried to destroy everything they could at the park on Ellis Road.
It was hard to list all destruction the vandal, or vandals left behind.

CARTHELL ROGERS, DIR. ROSSVILLE RECREATION DEPT. “…busted the down, locks off the doors, just destroyed about 12-thousand dollars worth of supplies and equipment.”

And that was just at the park pavilion.
The next target was Battlefield Raceway nearby.

DION POTTER, OWNER, BATTLEFIELD RACEWAY “They had destroyed everything in the booth, busted out the cooler, busted the microwave, toaster, destroyed the air conditioner …just, destroyed everything in there.”

Potter didn’t have an exact dollar figure for what happened in his building.
Yes, there were surveillance cameras, but the vandals got them, too.

Even the restrooms were damaged…but there are park events and also remote control car races at the track set for this weekend…so getting the place cleaned up was a high priority.

CARTHELL ROGERS, DIR., ROSSVILLE RECREATION DEPT. “We’re already back. We just..that’s what we’re doing here today…just finishing cleaning up. We’ve had 8 or 10 volunteers coming in…we’ve had the city maintenance workers helping us with the cleanup.”

DET. DAVE SCROGGINS, ROSSVILLE POLICE DEPT. “We recovered some items ..snack items, drinks and a trash car they took out of one of the buildings. I’m reasonably certain we can get fingerprints off all that stuff.”

If you have any information about the vandals, call the Detective Dave Scroggins at the Rossville Police department.

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