Runoff Election Voter Turnout Encouragement

Walker County, Ga. (WDEF)- The race for Senate seats is not over in Georgia. 

Campaign trails for David Purdue, Jon Ossoff, Kelly Loeffler and Raphaeal Warnock will extend into January 2021.

“Who would have ever thought that Georgia would basically be the center of the political universe right now” said Georgia’s District 1 State representative Colton Moore.

“Basically deciding whether or not the U.S. senate is going to be controlled by the democrats or the republicans.”

Rep. Moore says previous voters for Shane Hazel could spill over onto Senator David Purdue’s ticket.

“When it comes to the Ossoff/ Purdue race I voted for Shane Hazel the libertarian. I think there’s going to be a lot more folks like me who end up coming out for Purdue.”

Stacy Abrams believes that the runoff election in Janurary will mirror the democratic turnout at the polls on Super Tuesday.

“Once we got Jon Ossoff and Rapheal Wornack at the top of these tickets -working together to make certain that voters come back. Number two we will have the investment and the resources that have never followed our runoffs in Georgia” said Abrams.

“There will be hundreds of millions of dollars spent in Georgia on both sides for this election coming up” said State Senator Jeff Mullis.

Sen. Mullis is also hoping for a record number turnout.

“That will be a problem for both sides. Main elections people show up but runoffs -special elections- you don’t always have the same kind of attitude, temperment,  or people coming out to vote. So, we’re going to have to make sure we get everbody coming out to vote on the right side -the republican side to re-elect David Purdue and Kelly Loeffler” said Sen. Mullis.

The last time Georgia was a blue state was 1992.

The idea of the senate flipping ignites local residents like Nathan Gibson of the Walker County Democrats.

“If the senate gets flipped -oh golly- I think it’s vitally important and I think that we have a really good chance of doing it” said Gibson. “Georgia’s blue but it’s not dark blue so we know what we got to do.”

The deadline to register to vote is December 7th.

Early voting begins December 14th to December 31.

The runoff will be held on January 5th,

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