Russ Huesman Sells Championships to Build Mocs Recruiting

Chattanooga-(WDEF) Recruiting is the life line of all college football teams.

But how was Mocs coach Russ Huesman able to recruit to Chattanooga?
Before his arrival in December of 2008, UTC had won six games in their last three seasons.
The program had only one playoff appearance in school history.
Now under Huesman, they’re back-to-back SoCon Champs.
    When Russ Huesman was hired, he says he really didn’t have a hard time recruiting right away, despite the Mocs poor history on the field.
"I think the fact that it was new. You could get people to believe you that we were going to change this, and we were going to turn this into a good program."
Reporter-"What was your specific vision?"
"Championships. That’s all we talked about. Every home we walked into that first year, we said you are going to win a championship."
    Huesman says UTC has plenty to offer, especially Finley Stadium.
"You take them down there at night with the lights on. You get them in those boxes up there, and they can look down on the field and look out over the city."
    Huesman felt he might could wake a sleeping giant so to speak in recruiting because of Chattanooga’s location.
"If you look at Chattanooga, it’s in an unbelievable, fertile, recruiting area for us. If we have to go more than 200 miles to find 13 to 15 players, we’re not doing our job correctly. We’ve got three coaches that recruit the Atlanta area. That’s how big it is and how many schools and players that are down there."
   Now that UTC has won back-to-back SoCon titles, Huesman says one aspect of recruiting may now be easier.
"That’s the trick. You want to get great players, and you want to get them on campus for an official visit. I think if we can get them on campus, I thing right now it’s easier than before."
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