Salvation Army’s Sunrise Easter Service

Just before the sunrise Easter Sunday morning, several hundred people came together at Chattanooga’s National Cemetery to praise and worship on Easter Sunday.

Chattanooga Area Commander for Salvation Army Major Algrome Newsome said the Easter ties in the sacrifice that Jesus Christ gave and the sacrifice the millions of men and women have given for America.

“The whole Easter story is about the sacrifice that Jesus gave that we might be free as Christians. And having it in the cemetery here is especially important because there were so many of the graves we see men and women who gave their lives for our freedom that we enjoy today.”

Hot coffee and blankets kept people warm as they worshiped during the sacred service

Chattanooga’s Salvation Army and Chattanooga’s National cemetery has been holding the sunrise service for forty years.

Major Newsome said many families make this event a part of their annual tradition.

The Lamb family said they have been coming to the service for several years.

“We have been coming to the Easter sunrise service at the Chattanooga National Cemetery our entire lives. It’s a special occasion for us to come and celebrate Christ’s resurrection and the reason we have hope in Him and a celebration of life for us,” said Elizabeth Catoe.

James Lamb said being on the hallowed ground allows him to reflect..and pray.

“I’m a Vietnam veteran. I love this place. I  would come up here a lot of times and pray and the flag would just be leaning down and I’d come here and touch the flag pole and start praying and the flag would start blowing in the wind.”

Lamb’s daughters said  they appreciate being able to be a part of the Easter Service that allows them to honor their faith and those who have sacrificed their lives for this country.

“To worship with other Christians…to remember that Christ is risen and it’s just such a beautiful place to come worship,” said Sarah Roberts.

“For me it’s very poetic to think about how these people can live again through Christ,” said Catoe.

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