Santek promising new pipes to deal with Bradley Landfill methane smell

CHATTANOOGA (WDEF) – Santek Waste Disposal has coming up with a new plan to eliminate some of the odor and complaints from nearby residents.

Although some residents say the new changes just won’t be enough.

News 12 Now’s Taylor Bishop has the details.

Santek has recently created a new plane that they believe will cut down on some of the methane gas smell.

“We’ve recognized that landfill gas can cause an order. So what we are going to do is voluntarily taken the steps to install a multi-million dollar gas collection system, which will immediately result in less order”

The new pipe plan will take affect in 2020.

Eariler this week at a Bradley County commission meeting residents voiced their concerns saying that the gas is “potent”

“Their may be occasions when you smell the gas, but right now we’re sucking it all up , and their shouldn’t be an order problems right now”

Santek is voluntarily installing a gas management system to reduce the odor.

“Are next step is to run pipeline through the backside of the landfill, Then underneath bank off-road, and connect to an existing pipeline. Where we will then take this gas and turn everything into a renewable energy source”

Santek has already installed more than 100- thousand feet of piping to connect the wells to a renewable natural gas plant, located at the landfill.

Reporting in Bradley County, Taylor Bishop News 12 Now.

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