School Principals talk about success to business leaders

Several Hamilton County School representatives got the opportunity to proudly talk about their success during their school year. The Chattanooga Area Chamber in Hixson welcomed the representatives and local business leaders to take part in the event.

Allyson DeYoung, Ganns Middle Valley Elementary School Principal said, "It’s the ideas. Its the creative ideas. Its the input. Its the suggestions. All of this partnering together that ultimately makes the difference in what we do in our schools, so I just want to say thank you." Principals and representatives from six Hamilton County Schools’ in the Hixson area shared their success and gratitude to community business leaders. DeYoung said, "One is to small of a number to achieve greatness. I found that to be true. It is the partnership." Dr. Greg Martin, Hamilton County Board of Education said, "I can’t imagine having a prosperous community without a partnership between education and the business community."

First year Principal at Ganns Middle Valley Elementary School, DeYoung, got the opportunity to share her excitement with the Chamber about her Elementary School. DeYoung said, "Its an exciting day. There are a lot of things happening. The greatest news of all, there’s going to be a new school in August 2016. Thanks to this community." Martin says these events are important for the school and business community. Martin said, "I mean lets face it. These young people that are in our elementary school and middle school and high schools they are going to be the ones working in manufacturing. They are the ones that are going to be working in the various businesses in our community and so we want to have a strong public education."

The Chamber presented a check for more than 2-thousand dollars to the schools that came to today’s meeting.

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